SWG: Basic Smuggler Guides

Hyglik’s Basic/Advanced TL;DR:
PvE/PvP DPS Smuggler Build



Snare, Root, Dire, Kite, LoS, & enjoy. :blush:


Editor: Eric


Basic Suit: Constitution, Agility, Luck

Advanced Suit: Substitute 3-4 pieces of Constitution, Agility, Strength to help remove innate miss chance



PvE Basic: Pistol Damage, Pistol Critical Chance/Pistol Action Cost Reduction

PvE Advanced: Pistol Damage, Pistol Critical Chance, Critical Chance (Works best with an Officer with General’s set)

PvP: Pistol Damage, Pistol Critical Chance, PvP Critical Chance




P-8 = DD6 > Any other capped pistol.

Really any pistol works. Special pistols like the P-8 (ISD) and DD6 (Contraband Collection) offer x2 dps bonus on the skin when being crafted and also offer a +3m range bonus.



Weapon Elements:

PvE: Heat and Acid are your really only two go-tos. You can use a Cold pistol if you are PvE’ing but Acid works best as it’s critical focused and you are critical based. Heat also offers a dot to wear down your targets.

PvP: Heat works well against all professions, but Acid is better in situations with heavy armor or critical hit reduction stackers like Jedi and Commandos.  Commandos also have DoT reduction, so heat doesn’t work too well.  Heat will work against Dark Side Jedi, just not Light Side Jedi.



Recommended Jewelry Set:


PvE: Gamblers Set

PvP: Rogue Set



Recommended Expertise Layout:


Basic DPS (No Utility):

Basic PvP:



Super Cheesey Pistol Whip Smuggler

The “I AFK sell to a junk dealer and that’s it” Smuggler



How to Play:

PvE: Just stay at range and have fun, hold auto attack so you proc your lucky breaks.

PvP: STAY RANGED. I cannot stress this enough!  If you get caught in the open or in melee range vs melee, you’ll die.  If you can kite a Jedi at 35 meters or more, you’ll win 100% of the time. Use the walls and run around, use dire and snare to wear off buffs and debuffs.  DO NOT go right to a dire snare.

Snare > Nerf Herder > Dire Snare (mainly use this when Jedi have force run, Officer has scatter out, or things will break your snares/roots.)



Basic Ability Rotations:

Off the Cuff -> End of the Line -> Cover Fire (or Fan Shot if on CD)
With Nerf herder use one of the two ^^ to nerf the enemy line.

When you get a lucky break proc, keep auto attacking.  If you don’t know why, you’ll find out.



Must Haves:

Master Underworld Smuggler


More Basic Smuggler Guides Coming Soon 🙂


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