If you are a new player who is just getting their feet wet, this guide is now your bible.

Something that many SWG: Legends veterans struggle with is trying to explain how they got started.  Myself and many others faced a very different game than new players do today.  The economy is mostly stable and prices fluctuate much less than they used to.  Here are the first optimal steps for a new Star Wars Galaxies: Legends player.

Step 1: Discord


If you are serious about the game and the community, you absolutely need to be in the SWG: Legends Discord server.  Simply follow this link and message a CSR team member to get verified.




Step 2: Veteran Rewards


If your account has access to all of the veteran rewards from SWG, it’s time to claim them.  If you have already sold yours or do not have them for any reason, skip this section.

You’re going to sell these for quite a pretty penny, using your newly verified Discord account.  Head to the #trade channel and use the search function to get a rough idea of how much the following items are selling for.



The big money makers are:

A Crate of Free Resources: This one will fetch you anywhere from 10-15 million credits depending on the market.  Make sure you always ask for a “price check” in the #trade channel before selling this.


Make a Harvester Self Powered: This will fetch you around 5 million credits depending on the market.  Make sure you always ask for a “price check” in the #trade channel before selling this.


Buddy Token: This will fetch you around 5 million credits depending on the market.  Make sure you always ask for a “price check” in the #trade channel before selling this.


These rewards should sell fairly fast and leave you with around 20-25 million credits.  The rest of this guide will assume you have 20 million credits.  If you don’t have this much, that’s okay!  You’re just going to have to do Step 5 for a little longer.


At this point you may want to consider sucking up to a billionaire, because things are about to get pricey.


Step 3: Doing the Math Part 1


Before we get started making money, we need to put in a little bit of research!  We will first need to calculate the cost of a non-statted Primus suit.

Do this by searching “Primus” in the #trade channel in the SWG: Legends Discord.

Look through the results to get an idea of how much a suit of non-statted Primus armor is going to cost you.  On July 17, 2017, this is what we found:

We can buy a regular Primus Assault or Battle Armor suit for 3.5 million credits.


But that wasn’t all, we also found this:




We can also buy a fully statted Primus suit for 15 million credits.


Now we have a decision to make.  Do we buy the old suit or make our own?  This can be a tough decision when you are strapped for cash.  The old suit is almost always going to be cheaper in the long-run, but it also may not have the most optimal stats.  Ask around and figure out what is best for you and your class.

If you have no idea what is going on after reading this, buy a pre-owned suit or ask someone **SMART** for help.  This step and the next step can be very confusing to a newer player.

You will also need to purchase a weapon, which can get expensive very easily.  It is best to stick with a cheaper weapon for now and upgrade it later.  Perhaps don’t use a weapon attachment until you have the gun you really want.

If you decided to buy a pre-owned suit, great!  Meet us on Step 5 if you need more cash, or Step 6 if you don’t!  If you are making your own, stick with me!

Step 4: Doing the Math Part 2


If you have no idea what is going on after reading this, buy a pre-owned suit or ask someone **SMART** for help.  This part can be very confusing to a newer player.


You now have an idea of how much an non-statted Primus suit of armor will run you.

Next you will need to search “AA” “SEA” or “Exo” in #trade to find the rough cost of 35s.  Eventually you will find someone taking orders with a listed price, though this may easily fluctuate depending on what exotics you will need.



We can put 35s on our suit for roughly 22 million credits depending on exotics.  Now lets find out the real price.

Now we will need to send our 35 trader a direct message to work out the actual cost.  If you are lucky, your 35s should come out to be around 20 million credits.  If you are unlucky, figure out a cheaper alternative to your dream suit or pass over the exotics for now (medics and commandos, looking at you).





For my suit, I will be paying 43 million credits for the 35s.  For others, it may be as low as 20 million.




This trader’s total cost for MY custom suit: 3.5 million (from buying our Primus unlayered suit) + 43 million = 46.5 million credits.

This trader’s average total cost for a custom suit: 3.5 million (from buying our Primus unlayered suit) + 22 million = 25.5 million credits.



Now that we have an idea of how much everything will cost us, it’s time to either cough up the cash or start making some!
If you have enough money now, head to Step 6.  If you’re broke as hell, head to Step 5.

Step 5: Making Some Dosh


Yep, you’re broke as hell and this is expensive.  Maybe you need 2 million credits until you get your dream suit.  Maybe you spent it all on a pet for your entertainer and you’re feeling the regret sink in.  Making money without a geared character can be hard without getting creative, so let’s look at our options.

Alternatively, check out Make BANK! Save Your Trash! for ideas on how to make some money.


Grinding Junk Loot


This can be done really by anyone.  Find a low level mob that respawns quickly and start farming some junk!  Reverse Engineers will buy it for a pretty penny, and all you have to do is loot it while you’re AFK.  Make sure that you run an invite macro if you are farming Legacy questline NPCs, otherwise you will likely find yourself frozen by a CSR.

AFK Farming in Frosch

This is easy to find a group for, and even easier to AFK.  The credits roll in slowly, but you can make a few million over the course of a day or two of AFKing.  Check out our Frosch Guide here!

Selling Mustafar Buffs from Fate of the Galaxy (Requires a friend or geared character)

This will require a bit of creativity, as the Mustafar quests are not very easy for an ungeared player.  Many of the buffs sell for a decent chunk of change, though you will eventually have to buy them back if you want the buffs for yourself.


Taking a Loan

Sometimes you just want it now!  Ask a friend for a loan.  Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t.



Farming the “hot” resource

Make a trader, buy some harvesters, or do whatever else you need to in order to farm whatever is hot in the #resources channel in the SWG: Legends Discord.


Joining a Guild

You’ll want to do this eventually, may as well do it now!  Guildies are often one of the best sources of things you need when starting out.  As long as you contribute to the guild and pay it forward, there is nothing wrong with this!


Get Creative


There are many ways to make credits in SWG, you just have to think carefully about how to make them.  Think of something that maybe nobody else does!

You’ll earn the money eventually, it just might take a bit of persistence.  When you finally do and you buy your suit, it’s time to move on to Step 6.

Step 6: Got The Suit, Got The Gun. What Now?


It’s time to knock some quests down.  A lot of them.

Part 1:

I would recommend that you start by getting your Mustafarian Injector, a guide to do this can be found here.  Our own guide will be coming soon!

Part 2:

After you have your injector, it’s time to get Heroic pre-quests done.  All of them.  The sooner you get these done, the sooner you can start getting your 5-piece jewelry set, rare gear, and your stat collections done.


Head to Dathomir and start knocking them out.  Until our guide is published, use the wiki guides which can be found here.

This step should take you quite some time, do your best to not get discouraged.  If you can get another player or two to assist you, this will feel a lot less painful.  In total, I would estimate this process to take anywhere from 4-8 hours of playtime.

To save yourself an hour or so of copy and pasting 100 different waypoints, head to our Heroic Pre-Quest Waypoint resource.

This will suck.  Sorry.

Step 7: Heroics for Days


This will likely be the most enjoyable part of your gearing process.  You have a great suit (or at least an okay one), a solid weapon (it’ll do for now), and you’re fully flagged for all of the Heroic instances.  It’s time to find a group and start getting your 5 piece!

The best place to look for a group will likely be within your own guild, especially if this is your first time doing heroics.  The majority of guilds will help newer players learn the ropes for Heroics, letting you gain a ton of experience.  They also will be more willing to part with loot that you may need.

If you just really can’t find a guild you enjoy, it’s time to either hit up your network of friends or look at #lfg in the SWG: Legends Discord server.  You can find a group running Heroics at almost all hours there.  Simply find a group that is advertising and send the leader a direct message!


Running all Heroics every night will take you up to 5 hours with a newer group.  3 with an average group.  1 and a half hours with a good group.

Regardless of how long your Heroic runs take you, you will not have your 5 piece jewelry set until you run them approximately 8 times.  This means you will be running Heroics for at least 8 days until you have your first jewelry set.



When you finally have enough tokens, it’s time to buy your set!  Choose carefully, as it will take at least 8 more runs until you can purchase your next set.

Step 8: So I’m Pretty Much Geared, What Now?

If you have been working hard on Heroics at this point, you should be close to finishing your Heroic stat collections.  I would recommend finishing them off for the small bonuses.

If you have been lucky enough, you might have a Tusken King Rucksack, Tauntaun Rucksack, or Ace Pilot Pack at this point.  If not, you should work towards buying or looting one for the stat bonuses.

From here however, the road really branches out and you are capable of doing most of the content in the game.  You are no longer a ungeared beginner.  Work on making your character stronger and mastering your class!  You could head into PvP or start making some real money.  The choice is yours.

Step 9: Conclusion

I hope this guide has been useful for any new or returning player to SWG: Legends.  Please let me know below if you need any clarifications or have any questions.  I will be happy to help!  Please check out our AFK Leveling Guide and future published guides!

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