Lets face it.  Leveling in Star Wars Galaxies isn’t the most fun thing after you have done it the first few times.  If this is your first time leveling a SWG character, I would recommend that you DO NOT follow this guide, as you may experience a steep difficulty curve in learning how to play your character.  Let’s get into SWG Leveling!


Step 1: Method Explanation



We’re going to be using the SWG Legends Discord and our networking abilities to find someone to let us join their AFK leveling group.


Step 2: Character Creation


Believe it or not, there is an optimal way to pick a character here.  I would HIGHLY recommend picking either a Commando or a Medic for the leveling process.  You can always switch to another profession after hitting the level cap!  Remember, your first profession change is free!





The reason that we use Commando or Medic for this method is that they have the largest AoE abilities in the game, and they get them fairly early on.  Since our method is based on tagging enemies, these classes will work best for our purposes.  If you picked a class like Jedi, don’t worry!  You will still be able to do this method, but it will be a little slower.


Step 3: Location



After loading in, you should get an experience buff from an entertainer and then start heading to Kor Vella on Corellia.



After loading into Kor Vella, head out of the Space Port and head to this waypoint (/way -3679 3402 Frosch Bunker).  Be careful not to head inside yet, we still need to find a group!


Step 4: Finding a Group


There are multiple ways for us to find a group at this point, and we absolutely must in order for this method to work.  Here are the best ways to do so:



– Ask your guild members and friends for help, or see if they have a group going already.

– Ask in the SWG Legends Discord server to see if there are any groups with open spots.

– Ask strangers who are already leveling inside of the bunker or around it if they have an open spot in their group.

– If you already have a main character, they can solo many of the spawns.  If your main character is geared, they can solo the bigger rooms.



If all of this fails, you will have to do some networking or waiting until you are able to begin your leveling grind.  The rest of this guide will assume that you have found a group!




Step 5: Setting Up



You have quite a few options while setting up your character now.  I would HIGHLY recommend that you check out Make BANK! Save Your Trash! before going any further.  You can come away from leveling with quite a bit of money if you follow our guide.





If you are  competent with macros, you are welcome to use any method you wish in order to tag enemies.  For this guide, we will be using a basic assist macro and later on, an AoE macro.  You will need to create the following macros, replacing anything in bold:



Macro Name: Assist


/pause 1;

/ui action toolbarSlot00;

/pause 1;

/macro assist;





What This Macro Does:

This macro will target whatever enemy your group leader is targeting and fire off the first ability on your toolbar.

How to Set This Up:

Place your basic attack ability with the lowest cooldown on your first toolbar slot.  That’s all!




You may create a target cycling macro to make a less player-reliant macro.   I would not recommend this unless your character is already strong enough to solo multiple Frosch mobs.



Macro Name: Explosion

/ui action toolbarSlot01;

/pause 1.5;

/macro explosion;





What This Macro Does:

If you have an ability on the second slot of your toolbar, this macro will fire it off.


How to Set This Up:

Simply place your AoE ability on the 2nd slot of your toolbar.  That’s all!



Step 6: Conclusion


Using this method, you should be able to hit level 90 in less than a week.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions down below and I will do my best to answer them all!

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