If you have been grinding away, perhaps with our Fastest AFK Way to Level Guide, you may have found your inventory clogged with random items.  I am here to tell you to SAVE YOUR TRASH.

But why would I save my trash?  Allow me to explain.

To create a statted suit, traders need very large stacks of junk loot.  Not only this, but they also need pieces of statted armor.  Traders also require ranged and melee enhancements and augments, which we will be keeping as well.  I will cover why in another guide, but for now let’s look at which pieces of trash we absolutely need to hang onto.


Any items that say, “This can be sold to a junk dealer.”



These items are worth up to 3k a piece to a trader.  Collect as much as you can, traders love buying this in bulky stacks.


Any statted clothing or armor above 22 in a single stat.



The closer that the stat is to 25, the more valuable it is to a trader.  You will need to collect 50 and put it in a bag in order for this to be sellable.  Alternatively, you can often trade a bag of statted loot to a trader for a discount on your suit.

Clothing or armor with multiple stats.

This is also used by traders to make statted armor.  It may not sell for as much, but keep it anyways for the easy credits.  You will need to collect 50 of this and put it in a backpack to sell it.


Ranged/Melee Weapon Augments and Enhancements



These will drop commonly from Heroics and higher level mobs.  You will want to keep the following:


Ranged and Melee Weapon Enhancements of 25+ critical.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Augments of 225+ health and action.


A cap of 25 and 225 will drop from mobs outside of Heroics, with higher statted ones up to 30 or 250 only being dropped inside of Heroics.





You will find these while fighting beasts, but the only good ones will come from level 90 beasts.  You will want to keep any that are over 89.5%.  Beast Masters will buy these for quite a bit, especially depending on the color.



If you found this guide useful, please share it with another player who may learn something from it.  Or check out one of our other guides below!

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