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  It’s UPDATE time. The next SWG: Legends server restart will likely be bringing the following, along with a few more things we don’t yet know about. Break out your Hoth tokens and space applejuice, because it’s about to get chilly. T-47 Airspeeder Instant Travel Vehicle (Hoth Snowspeeder ITV) Being added to the Hoth rewards […]

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  Hidden away in the SWG: Legends forums FAQ section is a list of the Trading Card Game (TCG) items currently in game.  I spent my first few months on Legends having no idea where most of these came from!   Here they are in easy-to-read format with links to more information from the SWG […]

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So I was looking around for interesting SWG things today when I stumbled upon the Prima Official Guide for SWG.  At first I had a good laugh about it, but then I realized it might actually be useful to somebody.       You can find it here: Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Guide Prima […]

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  After much tinkering, we are finally happy to release our SWG: Legends Player Association Finder! How to Use:   To get started, head to the title menu and hit “Player Associations”.   From here you will be taken to the listings, where you can find yourself a Player Association or list your own.   […]

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